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    since we've last posted...

    August has come and gone, and fall's official start is a little more than two weeks away.  If you are in the area, you know that the last several weeks have been filled with rain.  The week before last, we found ourselves bracing for Irene.  The river rose, trees came down, roads closed, the power went out, but we were very lucky that the farm was largely spared from any lasting damage.  Tomatoes stood tall, row covers protected younger seedlings, and many mid-size crops firmly held their own.  The worst we suffered were losses in our winter squash field, where highly saturated soil caused molding and rot.  Still, we were able to harvest a considerable number of squash last Saturday (rushing to beat the rain that we saw in the forecast for this week).  Especially fortunate was the planting of Spaghetti Squash this year, which held up better than any of the other varieties we had growing.  Look for it in shares soon.

    Of course, as we write this the river is once again rising:

    And once again, we are crossing fingers that the fields will remain largely free of flood water.   

    To friends and family experiencing this weather along with us, we are thinking of you!  Stay dry and safe these next couple of days.

    Now, for a little lift:  Our latest newsletter can be read by clicking here and some non-rain-and-flood-related photos from last month can be seen below. 

    An early August share looks extra lovely in this basket.  Thanks for letting us take a picture, Rosalie!

    Already looking forward to next summer and more Sorbet Swirl watermelons...

    A beautifully intact monarch cocoon:

    And one of the many stunning skies we've witnessed this season:

    Look for more frequent updates to the blog in the weeks ahead. Until next time, sending you best wishes from the farm.

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